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Edgar is a true Renaissance man - attractive, an ethnic ambiguous actor yet bad boy and possible criminal, that can charm anyone at first sight. His zest for life makes him attractive to people from a wide age range. His interests vary from model and drama roles to comedy and edgy script choices. Not only is he able to conjure up deep emotions when performing on screen, but he also doing great things off screen. Aside from having excellent vocal ability hitting high C notes, Edgar is athletic too - a soccer lover since his childhood who even got an opportunity to play in the collegiate level and overseas. He also speaks, reads and write in Armenian fluently, engaging in humanitarian work that includes building gymnasiums for kids with lost schools due to wars as well as helping families who have suffered the loss of fathers due to war. With names ranging from Saoirse Ronan to Frank Grillo and Giovanni Ribisi appearing amongst Edgar's credits list it makes sense why you should consider him for your next project.


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